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How to Contact Us for Technical Support

Please email us at regarding any issues you experience using the USDA’s FOIA Public Access portal. To help us resolve the issue, include the URL of the page where you found the problem and what you were attempting to do when the issue occurred.  

NOTE:  Do not use the technical support mailbox to submit FOIA Requests. 

Not Receiving Emails From Our Portal?

We use to send important messages regarding account registration, login instructions, and request notifications.  Allow up to 15 minutes for these email messages to be delivered.  If you are not receiving these messages, review the following:

  1. Check your spam/junk email folder. If you find emails from there, adjust your email settings to ensure that our messages are delivered to your inbox.

  2. Your email service provider may be blocking or quarantining emails from, thinking they are either SPAM or dangerous in some way.  Ask your email administrator to verify that your email system is not blocking or quarantining these emails.

  3. Ask us to assign a different email address for your PAL/Portal account.  Emails using or some larger email systems work.  If you want to try an alternative email address from a different domain, you must contact us and we will change your account record here to reflect the new email address.

  4. Consider using an alternative means to submit a FOIA request to USDA:
  • Bypass the PAL Portal and send your request to USDA via email. Go to the USDA’s main FOIA website ( and navigate to the USDA FOIA Points of Contact section, where you can locate the email address for the respective USDA component that you want to submit to.

  • Use the Department of Justice National FOIA Portal. Click the link and search for Department of Agriculture.  Click on one of the USDA components and then follow the instructions to submit your request.

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